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Why are cylindrical bag-in-box so popular?

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Nowadays, more and more products on the market use cylinders in boxes, especially in the development trend of global liquid packaging, paper packaging cans have attracted the favor of the market. As a kind of paper packaging tank, the box bag of the cylinder has become the focus of the packaging field of various industries, and meets the needs of different industries for packaging.


This form of packaging has many advantages has been loved by people, let's take a look at what are the advantages

Advantages of bag-in-boxes include:

1. Easy to carry: The bag in the cylinder box is generally relatively small, which helps to carry and store it conveniently, whether it is placed in a backpack, handbag or pocket, it is very convenient.

2. Protect food: The bag in the cylinder box is usually sealable, which can well protect the food in it from the influence of external air, moisture, dust and other factors, and keep the food fresh.


3. Convenience to eat: The internal design of the bag-in-a-cylindrical box is generally more reasonable, and the food can be taken out conveniently without opening the whole package.

4. Beautiful appearance: The cylindrical bag-in-box is generally designed in a cylindrical shape, with beautiful appearance and bright colors, and is very popular among consumers.

5. Reusable: The bag-in-box is usually made of resealable material, which can be used many times, reducing the waste of disposable tableware.

With the popularity of the bag packaging forms in the liquid packaging boxes, the bag packaging in the box has ushered in a better development opportunity. As a special packaging, the circular box bag has a large market development space.

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