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What is the real Kraft Paer Pouches.packaging kraft paper pouch bag

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  Kraft paper pouch

  1. The difference between hygiene KRAFT PAPER POUCHES and ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES

  The original liquid of the hygiene Kraft Paper Pouches has the function of killing microorganisms, while ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES does not have a disinfection and sterilization function. According to GB15979-2002 "Sanitary Standards for Disposal Sanitary Products" 4.4 and "Technical Specifications for Disinfection" 2.1, 11.7 "Sanitary Towers Health Standards", in addition to meeting microbial standards, the killing of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus The rate must be achieved: ≥ 90%. If it is necessary to explain the effect on fungi, the kill rate of white pearls must be determined ≥ 90%. The sterilization effect must be maintained at least 1 year at room temperature.

  2. Hygiene KRAFT PAPER POUCHES and ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES production environmental conditions requirements

  Standard 4 Product Health Index 1 stipulates that the total number of colonies (CFU/G or CFU/ML) of ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES in microbes (CFU/G or CFU/ML) is ≤ 200, and the sanitary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES indicator is ≤ 20. Obvious Microbial indicators are much rigorous than ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES; the total number of fungal colonies (CFU/G or CFU/ML): Ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES ≤ 100, but not in a sanitary napkin.

  This standard reflects the different seriousness of ordinary KRAFT PAPER POUCHES and Sanitary Kraft Paper Pouches in terms of production management and production environmental conditions. This is also one of the reasons why there are many companies that can produce more companies that can produce KRAFT PAPER POUCHES and produce sanitary PAPER PAPER POUCHES.

  3. Why not use alcohol as a soaking solution for sanitary napkins

  Alcohol is used as the raw material for disinfectant, and is used more in medical alcohol cotton balls. This product is usually packaged in a separate packaging, and sanitary napkins are usually packaged in multiple components. After opening, alcohol volatilizes, easy to dry, and loses the function of wiping. Alcohol is flammable, irritating and skin discard. Therefore, it is basically not used as the main soaked solution of ethanol as a sanitary napkin. The Xiaye sanitary napkin uses 0.1%-0.2%to gather Liusanja achidal hydrochloride as a antibacterial ingredient, and the effective antibacterial rate is 99.9%.

  4. The quality of the sanitary krat Paper Pouches

  The sanitary Kraft Paper Pouches on the market must be tested by the microbial killing index of the authoritative agency. KRAFT PAPER POUCHES, which does not meet the killing of microbes, is unqualified, that is, the sanitary Kraft Paper Pouches will not be named.

  There are many sanitary napkins, long detection cycles, and high detection costs, which is another reason for sanitary napkin manufacturers.

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