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Shaped Pouches: The Ultimate Guide

Time:2022-08-04 Views:

Shaped pouches are a flexible packaging container that leverage on their diverse shapes and sizes to stand out.

They are a creative type of pouches which have gained popularity in various industries.

This guide gives more information on the shaped pouches.

The history of shaped pouches dates back to 1960s when a French manufacturer by the name Louis Doyen made their discovery.

He first developed stand up pouches which were later reconstructed with the growing demand for packaging materials to shaped pouches.

The pouches were originally known as DoyPack as a result of the person who invented them.

Besides, the shaped pouches have continued to evolve with the growing creativity among our design teams.

Different Types of Shaped Pouches in the Market

· Stand up Pouches

These are shaped pouches that have a flat or gusseted bottom which makes them stand on their own.

They can be made in any shape of your choice and are common in the packaging industry due to their flexibility.

You do not need a hang hole with stand-up shaped pouches.

· 3 Side Seal

Three side seal shaped pouches have three of its sides sealed and only one side left for product filling.

They are mostly flat in nature and therefore can be added hang holes for easy displaying.



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