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Sewing intensity of plastic packaging bags.aluminum foil bags for cooking manufacture

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  When the plastic packaging bag factory is made, if you use new and old materials to mix, pay special attention to the uniformity of mixed, and at the time of suture, there are strict requirements on strength. In the national standard, the stretch load of the plastic packaging bag seams and the bottom of the sewing is clear. Regarding the rectangle of the compound membrane, it is recommended to use the rolled edge treatment of the plastic packaging bag, because the sewing of the cold cut margin may be from the meridian silk. Torn it out with Weisi. Regarding the woven bag on the top of the woven bag for a week, the needle distance is dense and the lines can be thin. In addition, the tensile strength of the main body of the plastic packaging bag requires more than 67%of the basic intensity, and the tensile strength of the bottom connection part is necessary to reach more than 42%of the basic strength.

  In fact, the main factors affecting the stitching strength of the plastic packaging bag contain the varieties and types of the suture line.

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