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Non -woven packaging bag quality.retort pouch specification

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In the environment of light, the thickness of the fabric will not be very large; the poor fabric will appear uneven, and the texture of the fabric will be greater. This will greatly reduce the loading weight of the fabric. At the same time, the fabric of the fabric will feel very hard.


Reduce costs to add some recycled materials (that is, regeneration materials) and the corresponding proportion curing agent to the raw materials. This is not strong and difficult to recover. It feels that the fabric will be thicker, stiff, but not soft. In this case, the gravity is poor, and it will be much more difficult to decompose, and it is not environmentally friendly.

Line distance

The best force requirements for cloth texture are 5 stitches of one inch, and the stitched bags are beautiful and have strong carrying capacity. The non -woven wiring distance is less than 5 stitches, and the tolerance is poor.

Bag load

The loading weight of the bag has a lot to do with the resistance, elasticity, and line spacing and lines of the material of the bag. Adopt imported environmental protection materials, the line uses a 402 cotton line, and the line distance is strictly according to the distance of one inch and 5 stitches, so as to ensure the load weight of the bag.

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