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How should food bag pick correctly

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  Myth, love to buy colorful food packaging bags, a lot of friends easily attracted by colorful product when buy, but food packaging color bright additives will more more, so suggest using single color bags used in food packaging, although ornamental decline, but after all, it's the entrance to the contact, safety is the most important thing.

  Misunderstanding two, love to collect old food packaging bags to reuse, many friends, especially the elderly in order to save resources, used to store old food packaging bags, this common practice, in fact, very bad for health, not desirable.

  Misunderstanding three, the thicker the food bag = the better, in fact, the bag has strict standards, especially the food bag, meet the standard quality is up to the standard, and how much thickness has nothing to do with.

  1. Don't buy food with fuzzy printing on the outer package; Secondly, the hand rub printing clear bag, if it is found easy to decolorize, it means that its quality and material are not good, there are unsafe factors, not to be purchased.

  2. Smell. Do not buy pungent and pungent food packaging.

  3. Use white plastic bags to pack food.

  Although it is recommended to use other environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic, it is recommended that people try not to use red and black plastic bags when they need to use them. Because colored plastic bags may be the use of recycled materials, or the use of untreated natural materials and rough processing products, easy to deteriorate, mildew or pollution, and then contaminated food.

  4, look at the food grade paper packaging

  Paper packaging is the trend of the future packaging, recycled paper is the same as colored plastic, should not be used in the field of food. Ordinary paper for some reasons will add additives, so when buying food paper packaging must look at the food grade. In order to our health please buy regular manufacturers production, have the relevant departments approved food packaging bags.


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