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Matters needing attention about food nylon vacuum bag

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  You know what? Food excellent blocking performance of nylon vacuum bags, which can effectively prevent the spread of the volatile substances in packaging, and prevent the pollution of external odor and moisture on packing, thus ensuring the product quality, extend the product quality, the direct model has a high barrier packaging, and is suitable for meat, poultry, seafood, cheese and other food packaging.

  In the following content, we will mainly introduce the use of food nylon vacuum bag for attention, quickly to discuss it.

  Matters needing attention

  1. Although the food vacuum packaging bag has moisture resistance and chemical stability, the nylon film will be greatly affected by the temperature. Strong ultraviolet light will accelerate the aging of nylon film, so when storing nylon film should avoid direct sunlight.

  2. Second, drastic temperature changes can make plastics very fragile. When USING NYLON film, TRY to avoid overheating and too cold, in order to prevent the thermal expansion and contraction of nylon film, shorten its service life.

  3. The humidity in the air will also have a certain impact on the performance of plastic. Therefore, be sure to remember that the nylon film should not be placed in a humid, airless place, otherwise it may make the packaging bag rot; Moist air can cause bacteria to grow on the packaging, thus affecting its use.

  The above is the food nylon vacuum bag matters needing attention, we must understand oh. If you want to order food vacuum bags, please feel free to contact us!

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