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Soluble environmentally friendly plastic packaging bag.packaging kraft paper pouch bag

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British scientists have developed a plastic packaging bag made of electrolytes, which can not only be broken down by harmless, but also solve the water. This newly developed soluble plastic packaging product is made of hydrolysis matrix. Its strength is five times that of general polyvinyl alcohol (one of the most commonly used polymer materials in daily life, and a large amount of products for making plastic packaging products). In addition to the existence of water such as fertilizer, it can also be fully decomposed in the washing machine and washing machine in addition to the existence of composting artificial environments.

This newly developed soluble plastic packaging product is made of hydrolytic matrix. The strength of the soluble plastic packaging product is five times that of general polyethylene, which is a high molecule for soluble water. In addition, the soluble plastic packaging product is welcomed by environmental protection people from all walks of life, and its decomposition process has no harmful substances. It can be seen that soluble plastic packaging products will bring another industrial opportunities to the market. This kind of diverse and flexible plastic materials will be very popular with modern people. This plastic packaging product can be printed by biological decomposition ink for any color and pattern, and it can be made into different sizes. All walks of life can exert creativity, design a unique plastic packaging style, break through the old tradition, and bring a new scene to corporate products.

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