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What material is good for vacuum Vacuum Zipper Bag?zipper vacuum sealer bag

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  Spout pouch

  First, you need to know which material is suitable for your product, and then determine the width, height and thickness of the product. If the vacuum packaging is required and the product is not sharp (such as chicken feet, etc.), it is easy to pierce. For food vacuum packaging, I suggest you use a single layer 7-8 line.

  Then you can more clearly calculate the price of vacuum bags.

  Price = one material+second material+third material+consumer ink price+consumer glue price+labor cost+manufacturer profit+transport packaging fee

  Price of each material = length x width x thickness x proportion X material unit price

  Two similar sizes and thick bags are usually different in price. If the materials used are different, if the price of two bags such as pet / PE and PA / PE is large, the price of pets is higher than the price of PA. The unit price is much cheaper. If you need an aluminum foil vacuum bag, it will be more expensive.

  The main material of the vacuum bag is a composite vacuum bag. The main structures are: PET / PE, PET / CPP, PA / PE, PA / CPP, PA / RCPP, PET / PA / RCPP, etc. The structure of aluminum foil vacuum bags is: PET / AL / CPP, PET / AL / PA / CPP. There is also a vacuum bag, which is formed by squeezing out green environmental materials such as EVOH, PET, PP, and PE through one -time squeeze.

  Features of vacuum packaging:

  one. Excluding local air (oxygen) in the packaging container can effectively prevent food rot. Can effectively prevent the exchange of material in the packaging;

  Use packaging materials with excellent obstruction (gas tight) and strict sealing technologies and requirements. It can prevent food from losing weight and losing taste, and can prevent secondary pollution. Accelerate heat transmission;

  It has good anti -static, oxygen, shielding, moisture -proof, shocking function and excellent thermal performance;

  Save space because it is vacuum compression, the original air is removed from the air, and the volume becomes smaller.

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