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Flexible Packaging's product characteristics

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  Biodegrable products

  Today's container bag products are rich and diverse in our market. In fact, the materials are similar, but different manufacturers have different quality control in the purchase of raw materials. The quality of the bag is good, but some quality is poor. If you want to buy a reliable Flexible Packaging container, you are welcome to come to our company to specialize in the production of various container bags, Bubble Mailer packaging materials. The product quality control is rigorous. Yes, let's briefly understand the performance performance of the product!

  General Flexible Packaging container products are added with conductive wires to the product. The shape and other parameters of this product are the same as ordinary products. Conductive wire, conductive wire contact with conductive membrane, the pitch of the conductive wire of the bag body is less than 5cm. The shape can be a rectangular, square, cylindrical body, pillar cone, or cone table; its loading port can be one or two; Such a product can achieve the function of Flexible Packaging. Everyone should be clear about the Flexible Packaging container processing process, so that the quality of the product can also be understood. If you have the need to buy a container, you can come to our company to buy. The types of products of our company are relatively comprehensive. Of course, if you have customized needs, we can also meet.

  Determine the location of the point

  Refutation point up and down positioning: theoretically free design can be designed freely

  Generally, two -capacity doting points are near the WL line

  Generally, three -piece buckle points are about 10cm on the WL line

  Generally, a buckle point is about 10cm below WL

  Positioning point to the point: determined by the door volume

  The single-breasted door wide is determined according to the type of clothing and the size of the buttons. Generally, the shirt is 1.7-2cm; the top is 2-2.5cm; the coat is 3-4cm.

  The double-breasted door is determined by personal hobbies and styles. Generally, the shirt is 5-7cm; the top is 6-8cm; the coat is 8-10cm.

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