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Packaging bag printing type.recyclable spout pouches supplier

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Printing Introduction

Non woven fabric bags generally use screen printing technology, commonly known as "screen printing", which has always been a commonly used printing process by many manufacturers. Generally, manual printing is used, but due to the odor and insufficient color, it is easy to peel off. Therefore, many new non-woven printing methods have emerged. Here, we introduce several mainstream methods in the market:

Watermark printing

It is named after its use of water-based elastic adhesive as a printing medium and is commonly used in textile printing, also known as printing. Mix the color paste with water-based elastic glue during printing. When developing the printing plate, chemical solvents are not used and can be directly rinsed with water. Its characteristics are good coloring power, strong covering and fastness, water resistance, and basically no odor. Generally used for printing: canvas bags, cotton bags.

Gravure printing

The finished product processed using this method is usually called a laminated non-woven fabric bag. This process consists of two steps: first, the traditional gravure printing process is used to print the images and text onto the film, and then the film with the patterns is laminated onto the non-woven fabric using the lamination process. This process is commonly used for non-woven bags with large area color pattern printing. Its characteristic is exquisite printing, machine production throughout, and short production cycle. In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, and the durability of the finished product is also better than that of non-woven fabric bags produced by other processes. There are two options for thin films: glossy and matte, with matte having a matte effect! This product is fashionable and elegant, durable, with full color and realistic patterns, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive.

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