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What types of packaging bags can be classified according to bag type

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Vacuum zipper bag

  1 Three side sealing bag is a bag type with simple and regular Z making and good sealing performance. In the process of bag making, the three sides are hot sealed, and the other side is hot sealed after items are loaded. All kinds of food, clothing, tools, fertilizers and pesticides. In many cases, vacuum packaging is required for side sealing bags, which is also due to various reasons, sometimes to prevent food deterioration, and sometimes to make the shelf life longer. Three side sealing has low loss of packaging materials, perfect packaging bag pattern, good sealing quality, excellent sealing performance, high barrier, ultra-low oxygen and humidity permeability, moisture resistance, pollution prevention, radiation and anti-corrosion, strong mechanical performance, bright and practical appearance, non-toxic, tasteless and in line with national standards.

  Two side sealing bags, also called back sealing bags, are different from three side sealing bags in that heat sealing is not on both sides, but on the back side of the bag. Back sealing bags have a wide range of applications. Generally, candy, bagged instant noodles, bagged dairy products, etc. are all packaged in this way. The back sealing bag can be used to store food, medicine, cosmetics, frozen food, postage, etc. It is moisture-proof, waterproof, insect proof, and can prevent things from scattering. It is light and tightly sealed, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good flexibility.

  3 Standing bag, also known as self-supporting bag, can stand on its own without external force. It is relatively complicated to make flexible packaging bags with heat seal at the bottom and horizontal support structure at the bottom. Self standing bag is a relatively new packaging form, which has advantages in upgrading the product grade, enhancing the visual effect of the shelf, portability, convenient use, freshness and sealability. Standing bags are also generally divided into irregular ones with zipper strips and suction nozzles.

  4. The middle sealing insert side bag, which is not heat sealed on both sides, is a packaging bag for edge sealing on the back of the bag. The side is not hot, and the side is folded in from the middle. It is generally a package like tea, coffee, nuts, melon seeds and snacks.

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