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Vacuum bags have those versatility

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  For example, many bread improvers also have various functions such as promoting yeast growth, inhibiting starch retrogradation, and improving bread softness;

  A new type of edible fungus preservative on the market, even a compound food additive that integrates anti-corrosion, fresh-keeping, and color protection;

  Some of the emulsion stabilizers disclosed on the market also play a role in color preservation and preservation. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food consumers who say goodbye to fullness and warmth have put forward more and more personalized needs.

  Personalized needs have the following aspects:

  Because of different love, reveal the needs of different tastes and different shades;

  The needs of special flow of people ∴ the needs of nutritional filling; the needs of different forms and efficacy.

  People's pursuit of personalization and diversification of food makes food companies have to constantly consider new techniques and new categories to meet these needs.

  In a sense, additives are the soul of the vacuum bag food industry, and the birth of every new product is closely related to additives. Monomer additives and even general-purpose composite additives have been difficult to meet the requirements of enterprises. On the basis of subdividing the market, the specificity of compound additives is subdivided to meet the requirements of different categories and different processes.

  For example, in terms of milk beverages, there are dozens of categories. For the special needs of some manufacturers, special stabilizers should be developed in a targeted manner, and "systems" that vary from factory to factory should be implemented, so as to more accurately meet consumer preferences. Various flavor compound seasonings, human compound sweeteners, and special compound nutrition fortifiers for those with nutritional deficiencies disclosed on the market are all developed to meet this demand. While meeting individual needs, compound food additives also enrich the categories of food and promote the development of the food industry in a more humane direction, treating eating as a real happiness. However, it should also be noted that from the perspective of food hygiene and safety, compound food additives have the following characteristics: there are many categories of raw materials, a wide range of sources, and various ingredients, and pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities may exist; sometimes the dosage is different. The disparity requires high weighing accuracy; many ingredients have poor stability, and it is necessary to carry out quality and active defense. There is a possibility of actual deterioration or the processing process is relatively simple, and the mixing is a common process. Most of them need to be mixed and packaged twice and multiple times. The possibility of secondary staggered pollution; most of the ingredients are in powder form, and the particle size of the ingredients is relatively fine, so dust removal must be carried out. Therefore, from the perspective of hygiene and safety, compound food additive products are required to have a high degree of safety. Therefore, in the production and processing of compound food additives, it is extremely necessary to create a set of effective hygiene management and quality monitoring systems to prevent food safety incidents caused by the consumption of unqualified compound food additives.

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