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The types and characteristics of food packaging bags are super detailed!

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  PET food bag

  The materials for food packaging bags are: PVDC (polythyloxide), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PA (nylon), EVOH (ethylene/alcohol symbol), aluminum -plated film (aluminum+++ PE) and so on. Membrane production is divided into stretch membrane and blowing plastic film. The materials of the composite bag packaging bag include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene, nylon and polyester. These main membranes. Membrane production is divided into stretch membrane and blowing plastic film. Dry -frozen goods, generally PET/PE. If you cook at high temperature, nylon composite CPP, or other composite.

  At present, the most important food packaging is PP and PE, that is, polypropylene and polyethylene plastic. Compared with security performance, safety performance can meet the food packaging world without reports on PP and PE products. Polycarbonate conducts fierce debate on children's reproductive development on the problem of bisphenol A. Some countries prohibit the use of bisphenol A in food packaging plastics. Regarding PP, the security of PE can refer to the national standard SNT279-2009 Food contact material-plastic-plastic-food simulatory ductive aromatic hydrocarbon

  Compared with non -food packaging, PP and PE do not contain plastic additives. During use, toxic substances will not be released. For example, the fierce plasticizer that is fierce in front is on PVC packaging. The preservation film used in the past is PVC, but due to its unsafe, it is gradually replaced by PE plastic wrap. PE is soft, mechanical properties are worse than PP, and the products are shopping bags, plastic wrap, garbage bags, etc. PP is relatively hard, the opposite sex (the gap is easy to tear), the mechanical performance is good, the high temperature performance is better than the PE, which is a bread bag.

  Generally, according to the material structure, the inner layer is PE or CPP, the outer layer is PA and PET. There may be EVOH or PVDC in the middle, and some use aluminum film or aluminum foil.

  Reasons: PE and CPP thermal sealing performance is good, that is, easy to seal. PA, PET is well printed and can be used on the outer layer to print beautiful pictures. PVDC and EVOH barrier resistance is good to prevent oxidation. Aluminum -plated film, aluminum foil has good light, suitable for products that are not easy to see.

  Various materials have different performance and different uses. Generally speaking, the food packaging bag is not a single material, but a multi -layer composite. Dried frozen goods are generally PET/PE. Such as high temperature cooking, nylon composite CPP, or other composite. The ham sausage red cashe is a single material for PVDC. Transparent paper/PP, Crucket/PE/AL/PE, AL/PE, etc. are usually used for candy chocolate.

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