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At Top-line we supply a range of coffee packaging options including: coffee bags, stand up coffee pouches, and box bottom coffee bean bags. Whether you run a local coffee shop roasting your own beans or are a coffee wholesaler we have a coffee bag or coffee packaging solution for you.

Whether you’re a roaster launching a new brand, an established brand relaunching in upgraded packaging, or simply exploring the many packaging options available to the coffee segment, you will at some point come across degassing valves. 

Degassing valves are an important part of coffee packaging. Continue reading to learn what they are, when you should use them,  and just how necessary they are for keeping your coffee fresh and flavorful.


✅ Usage application: 

It can be applied to all kinds of coffee bean,tea,nutritional poweder,vetetable peptide, can be adjusted according to customer requirement.

✅ Performance: 

Good sealing performance, good barrier property, low oxygen permeability and humidity, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, fragrance, bright and practical apperance, Non-toxic and tasteless, with national food and drug packaging standard,easy to use.

We offer you a vast range of flexible food packaging bag solutions for your coffee and teas. 

You can choose from an extensive range of styles, sizes, shapes, colors and materials. 

With the addition of a one way degassing valve, the bags are perfect for coffee packaging.


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