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The principle of preservation effect of bag in box (BIB).bag in box wine dispenser

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Box in Box (BIB) is a packaging form in which liquid foods (such as water, juice, wine, etc.) are packed in a special plastic bag and then placed in a paper box. The principle of its preservation effect is as follows:

1. Air blocking: The inner bag of the bag in the box is made of high blocking materials such as EVOH and MPET, which can effectively prevent the penetration of air and oxygen, avoiding secondary pollution and oxidation of liquid food by air.

2. Negative pressure valve: There is a negative pressure valve attached to the inner bag of the bag in the box, which can allow liquid food to flow out while preventing air from entering. When the valve is opened for use, atmospheric pressure will compress the liquid inside the bag to flow out, and the film in the bag space will automatically fit together, keeping the bag in a vacuum state at all times.

3. Buffer pressure and shading: The external paper box of the bag in the box can play the role of buffer pressure and shading, protect the internal bag from external damage and direct sunlight, and affect the quality of liquid food.

In summary, the principle of BIB preservation is to use high barrier materials, negative pressure valves, and external paper boxes for triple protection, so that liquid food can be kept fresh and hygienic for a long time after opening.

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