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The benefits of high -resistance materials for our commonly used food packaging bags.printed snack food bags

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Vacuum zipper bag custom

The new high -resistance packaging material (commonly used high -resistant packaging materials include aluminum foil, nylon, polyester, polytatochloride, etc.). With the improvement of food requirements for maintenance. New high -resistance plastic packaging materials have been widely used abroad. Using high -strength and high -resistance plastics can not only improve the maintenance of food, but also reduce the amount of plastic when packaging at the same amount of food. Anti -static vacuum bags are generally used for processing foods and vacuum packaging and inflatable packaging for high -resistance protection. Generally, excellent composite packaging materials must be used, and more than a layer of high -resistance materials must be available in multi -layer composite data. For example, nanometer -modified new high -resistance packaging data nano -composite polyamide, ethylene -alcohol cluster, polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

Food packaging bag materials must be high -resistant. Oil food requirements have high oxygen resistance and oil resistance; dry food requires high hydrogen resistance to ensure smooth sailing of packaging food. Fragrant food requires high -fidelity fragrance; fruit and vegetable fresh food requires the packaging of packaging with high oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. In addition, the food packaging information must also have high tensile stretch strength, tear resistance, impact resistance, good chemical stability, and do not have any chemical reactions with interior foods to ensure that food is safe; Sex, meet the requirements of high temperature disinfection and low temperature storage of food.

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