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Summarize the application knowledge of plastic packaging food Snack food bag company

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Plastic packaging bags can be said to be closely related to people's daily lives, and they are almost used every day, such as food plastic packaging bags, PVC packaging bags, cosmetics bags, clothing packaging bags, non-woven zipper bags, etc. But do you know how to choose plastic packaging bags correctly, and do you know some related knowledge?

Plastic packaging bags cannot be mixed, and different items should be packaged in corresponding plastic bags. For example, food packaging bags are specially produced for packaging food, and their raw materials, processes, and other requirements for environmental safety are high; Plastic bags for chemicals, clothing, cosmetics, and other industries may have different manufacturing processes due to different needs, and these types of plastic packaging bags cannot be used for packaging food, otherwise it will cause harm to human health.

When choosing plastic packaging bags, many people tend to choose thick and sturdy ones, but in reality, the thicker the stronger the better. The country has strict regulations on plastic packaging bags, especially for food packaging. It is necessary to choose qualified products produced by legitimate manufacturers and reviewed by relevant departments. It is necessary to label plastic bags for food with the words "food specific" or "QS logo". Otherwise, the cleanliness of the plastic can be seen when facing the light. Qualified plastic bags are very clean and free of impurities, while defective plastic bags may show dirty spots and impurities.

Many people tend to choose aesthetically pleasing plastic packaging based on appearance and color, but in reality, this is also unscientific. Although there are many types of colors in plastic packaging bags, we must be cautious when selecting them. If plastic packaging is used to hold food items, only considering the color, we must choose a simple color

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