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Tell you why the seal of the food bag is food bag price

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  Food bags are very common in our daily life. They are usually used to hold food, especially the vacuum type. If there is a break, the food inside may oxidize with oxygen and other substances in the air, resulting in inedibility of food. So, what is the reason for the broken food bag seal?

  At present, the sales volume of food in the market is very large, and the demand for food packaging bags is also very large. Food packaging bags are a large category of food packaging bags, which are widely used in the industry. Commonly used food packaging bags include upright bags, three-side sealing bags, back sealing bags and other bag types, which can be inflated or vacuumized. The following is a detailed introduction to the phenomenon that the sealing part of the food packaging bag breaks when it is sealed:

  1. Various hidden dangers in the production process

  If the parameters of the heat sealing equipment are set improperly, it is easy to lead to poor heat sealing quality of the heat seal, poor heat sealing (that is, the heat seal is not tight and easy to separate) or excessive heat sealing (that is, the strength of the heat seal is too large and the root of the heat seal is broken), which is easy to cause air leakage and fracture of the heat seal. It can be verified by sealing performance (negative pressure method) and heat sealing strength.

  2. Reasons for packaging materials

  The peeling strength of the composite film used in the food packaging bag is poor, that is, the composite fastness between the single layers of the composite film is poor, and the lamination of the composite film is easy to occur. When the thermal sealing strength at the thermal sealing is high, under the impact of the package contents or when squeezed by external forces, the lamination of the composite film at the thermal sealing is easy to occur, resulting in air leakage and cracking near the thermal sealing of the package. It can be verified by bursting pressure (positive pressure method) and peel strength test.

  Due to the particularity of food packaging bags, in the production of food packaging bags, whether it is technology or material, material thickness or heat sealing method, it will be treated specially. In the finished product inspection of packaging bags, we usually have a strict inspection link for the strength and sealing of materials to ensure that food packaging bags have good product quality.

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