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One set Bag-In-Box = one bag + valve + one box
Product: Bag-In-Box

Bag-In-Box can be used widely used in a lot of industry. With tight spout seal, 

it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in:Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging  Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels etc.

Top-line® packaging  offers a variety of high quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to fit your Bag-in-Box® Packaging project. so we offers a variety of high quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to fit your project.

The dimensions, cut and quality of the outer box are essential characteristics of the Bag-in-Box system, as the box protects the product from light and the bag from external impacts.

High quality printed packs use colour and graphics to attract consumer attention in the retail environment leading to increased sales.

In addition to standard boxes, it is possible to develop intuitive or unique shaped packaging.


Bag-in-box is a form of packaging designed for liquid products, which consists of a flexible bag made of multiple materials and an outer box made of cardboard. The bag body is attached with a water-like switch for easy opening and taking out. The special design allows the liquid to flow out while preventing the air from entering, thus prolonging the shelf life and service life of the product.
:Fruit juice, wine, fruit juice drinks, mineral water, edible oil, food additives, industrial agents, medical reagents, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Bag in box advantages:
✅ 1.Convenience: Excellent portability, User-frendly, Optimizes shelf space.

✅ 2.Distribution Advantages: Enables E-commerce, Doesn’t break in transit, Starage and transparent cost reduction.

✅ 3.Safey: Protection from oxidation, Clean and hygienic , Taste and freehness preservation.

✅ 4. Sustainability: No recycing issues, Lower carbon footprint, Perfect for responsible consumption
✅ 5.Professional Packaging Solution:Different materials are used to meet the needs of different liquid packaging. 1--250 liter aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, single or continuous roll standard products are available, with standard canning openings, which can be marked with spray codes, and can also be customized.
Top-line Packahing Advantage:

1. One-stop factory, located in Dongguan, China, the world factory, with more than 15 years of experience in packaging production.

2. Dust-free workshop, high-quality raw materials, controlled from the source.

3. Complete certificates, excellent quality, to meet all customer needs.

4. 24-hour high-quality service, quality assurance, and a complete after-sales system.

5. Free samples are provided.

6. Personalized customization to meet all customer customization needs (bag type, valve, zipper)

7. Sufficient stock, the spot has a fixed size, 1000 small batches for sale, please consult customer service for details.

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