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Spout POUCHES characteristic knowledge

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  Spout pouch

  Today, environmental protection has now become the topic that everyone values. We are a country with limited capital, and everyone should protect the environment and capital.

  For example, the finished finished product, today's plastic products have severely polluted our environment and brought "white pollution". Plastic SPOUT POUCHES is a kind of "white pollution". It is not only a consumables in the usual days, but also consume a lot of plastic POUCHES every year in China. Plastic SPOUT POUCHES is facilitating consumers, because of factors such as excessive use and incompetence processing, and also formed severe power capital waste and environmental pollution. In particular, the ultra -thin plastic Spout Poubs are simply damaged, and most of them are thrown away at will, becoming the primary origin of "white pollution". Therefore, China has also carried out a series of environmental protection methods, such as the "plastic limit order" -the use of Spout Pouches is a way to control "white pollution -plastic bags".

  There are many advantages to using Spout Pouches, for example: the use of life is longer than that of plastic bags;. It can be used in cycle; low prices, easy to implement, and so on.

  SPOUT POUCHES should have two aspects, on the one hand, it can be made repeatedly with natural data; on the other hand, it will not remain in the natural environment in the future. Damage is small compared to other materials). The average plastic bag is difficult to degrade after being thrown away in the environment, and harmful substances will occur even after a small part of the differentiation.

  Nowadays, everyone goes to supermarkets and shopping malls. Most of them use Spout Pouches, and then reduce the use of plastic bags to protect the environment. But now many Spout POUCHES is made of paper. Bi square cowhide paper bags and plastic paper bags are made of paper. I think this is not very environmentally friendly, because paper is also made of trees, and now human cutting trees are used to make Spout POUCHES, so such Spout Poups are also damaged and beautified, not environmental protection.

  I think that using Spout Pount should choose more and more environmentally friendly materials, such as non -woven bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, and so on. These materials are very environmentally friendly.

  Non -woven bags are very suitable Spout Poups. Non -woven bags are also called non -woven Poup Poups, non -woven pouches, non -woven portable bags. The primary component of non -woven fabrics is PP (pallon). The fabric has a variety of colors to choose from. The scale, thickness, and style of the bag can be specified by the customer. It can accept a variety of printing technologies such as wireless printing, and drawing logo and text can also be printed according to customer requirements. Together with the toughness, beautiful appearance, good breathability, can be used repeatedly, can be washed, and can be used for the use of advertisements and crickets. It is suitable for any company or occupation as advertising and gifts.

  product features:

  First, green environmental protection can be used repeatedly. As a replacement of plastic bags, the use of goods is very environmentally friendly.

  Second, the product is exquisite and prints beautiful. Non -woven fabrics have a variety of colors to choose from. They can get used to multiple printing technologies together. Text and picture logo can be printed according to customer design drawings and rich product content.

  Third, convenient for menstruation. The quality of non -woven fabrics is light, flexible, and wear -resistant. It can be easy to carry by multiple methods such as hand -to -shoulder, shoulder and back.


  Non -woven bags are rich, gorgeous, stylish, rich in style, extensive environmental use, beautiful and generous, picture and style change, light and environmentally friendly, easy to carry, low prices, long -term life than paper bags, non -woven bag bags can be available. The use of cycle is environmental goods that are publicly regarded by the world to protect the earth's ecology. It is widely used in shopping mall shopping, gift belts, advertising promotion, environmental protection publicity and other places.

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