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Precautions for using Vacuum Zipper Bag.pint zipper vacuum bag

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  Vacuum zipper bag custom

  First of all, before putting the clothes into the shrinking bag, first dry the clothes, then fold it into a shape that is easy to store, and then put it in a vacuum storage bag. A few centimeters of zipper.

  Before pulling the zipper, check whether the zipper seal is clean. Are there fibers or dust? Otherwise, it will form a tight bag leak. If so, wipe it with a cloth dipped in water.

  Install the slider and press the sliding zipper with your hands. Pull it slowly to the other end of the zipper. When you pull it to two -thirds, squeeze or folded clothes or quilts to make most of it. After the air is exhausted, pull out another third with slider.

  Squeeze the zipper back and forth a few times on your hand to ensure the true seal at the zipper.

  Use a manual air pump to pump: Open the air nozzle cover, align the air pump with the air nozzle, and then pull the piston to pump the air. Please note that when pumping a large -capacity bag, because the pumping time is slightly longer, the center does not need to remove the pump cover and the lid, and the gas will not be sucked back.

  Use a vacuum cleaner to pump: Open the nozzle cover, align the straw of the vacuum cleaner with the nozzle, and then open the vacuum cleaner to quickly air deflation.

  Open the closed zipper, take out the clothes and the quilt to dry it to restore the original shape.

  Remember before and after the inflatable bag. Don't let the sharp objects scratched. It is best to put it on the bed or clean table. If there are hard objects such as buttons and zippers stored in the storage items, fold it and put them in. In storage bags. When registering in the cabinet or other places, you should also pay attention to whether there are any sharp objects in the storage address to ensure that the packaging is intact.

  Clothing, quilts and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least 3-5 cm from closed zipper away, do not put large items in the bag.

  To ensure the sealing of the cleaning zipper part, if there is fiber or dust, the sealing performance will be reduced. It is recommended to wipe the zipper with a wet cloth and then clean the zipper. After turning off the zipper, hold the slider with your hands and pull it several times before and after the sealing position to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are completely buckled into the slot to ensure the sealing effect.

  When using the air pump, screw the thread interface of the pump to the white rubber seal ring at the inhalation port to ensure that the interface has no air leakage. Generally, a large bag needs to be pumped for 3 to 5 minutes, about three to five minutes. There are only a hundred obvious flat appearance. When using pumps, pay attention to pumping, it is best not to stop. It is best to install a vacuum cleaner at home, which is both effort and convenient

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