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There are several main sterilization technologies for aluminum foil bags.Aluminum foil bag distributors

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1. Hot pack sterilization method

This is a sterilization method of heating food or beverages to 80-90 ° C, placing them in hot aluminum foil bags while they are hot, sealing them, and storing them at high or certain temperatures. This treatment method is mainly used for liquid foods with high acidity.

2. Steaming sterilization method

This method is mainly used for some less acidic foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, etc. The sterilization temperature is generally 121 ℃ or 134 ℃. The method used is to place the aluminum foil bag (steaming bag) into a high-pressure sealed container and heat it with steam or pressurized water. According to the different sterilization conditions of steaming bags, they can be divided into static heating sterilization and rotary heating sterilization. Pressurized high-temperature sterilization can be divided into saturated steam sterilization, air pressurized steam sterilization, and pressurized water sterilization according to the different heating media used. The currently widely used method is saturated steam sterilization, as it is cost-effective and convenient for humidity control.

3. UV sterilization

After packaging food or beverages in aluminum foil bags, sterilization can also be achieved through efficient ultraviolet light irradiation. When using this method, the intensity and duration of ultraviolet radiation should be determined based on the size of the packaging bag and the amount of content.

The main uses of nylon bags are: fish, seafood, soup, grains, juice, fruit puree, and any food that needs to be vacuumed, whether dry or wet, all require the use of nylon. Such as curry, soup, juice, puree, beverages. They can't do without nylon.

What types of nylon vacuum bags are available? Organ bags, standing bags, back sealed bags, suction nozzle bags, octagonal sealed packaging bags, etc. are all made into vacuum packaging bags by air freight. And various patterns are printed by air freight.

The Development Prospects of Vacuum Bags: With the continuous development of the market, many packaging bag materials will be phased out and replaced with degradable packaging bags. However, vacuum packaging bags will not be changed because any degradable materials are unstable materials with excellent breathability and almost no satisfactory vacuum effect, which cannot meet our food preservation needs. Only vacuum bags cannot be replaced.

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