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Is there any attractiveness of the eight -sided seal packing cat food bags?petco free dog food bag Processing

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  pet food bag clip custom

  First, from the name of the octagonal, the four sides of the bottom, the name of the packaged cat food bags on the left and right sides, the advantage of this arrangement is that it can be expanded on the left and right sides, which expand its space to a certain extent.

  Second and octagonal packaging cat food bags can be firmly stood on the shelf, playing a perfect display effect, more intuitive than soft products lying on the shelves.

  Third, eight -sided seal packaging cat food bags are widely used in nuts products. The packaging of these products is generally attached with self -seal zippers, which is convenient for consumers to finish eating at once. Internal products are not vulnerable to moisture. As a more popular packaging method for two years, the eight -sided packaging cat food bags have strong vitality. The demand will be more in the next two years.

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