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What kind of bacteria is flatulence in food packaging bags generally?mylar bags custom printed

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  The common bacteria causing flatulence in food packaging bags are coliform bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast

  Investigation of microorganisms

  Generally, packaging expansion is caused by the formation of carbon dioxide (gas), a by-product of microbial growth. Although many organisms may cause corruption - an unacceptable change in touch, sight and smell or flavor - gas production is usually caused by only three types of organisms.

  Product and equipment testing: Since microorganisms usually enter the production process based on the failure of a component or good manufacturing practices, a dominant organism is usually the cause of corruption. Alternatively, there may be one genus but multiple species involved. Microbial identification requires expertise and accuracy. Choosing a laboratory with such expertise will save time. Ideally, the laboratory should use the collected data to help develop corrective and preventive actions as quickly and effectively as possible.

  It is often puzzling why the test results before shipment may be within the specification range, but the product defects will appear in the late warranty period. At the time of shipment, the gas formation concentration, if present, is usually very low or below the detection limit. This is why the review of pre shipment results does not always provide useful data. Daily monitoring and data trends on indicating biological equipment provide pictures of the microbial environment and the exposure faced by products during production. When setting pre shipment product specifications, it is the best plan to minimize the pre shipment number of common putrefactive microorganisms, because any presence at this stage may indicate that corruption will occur in the future. Tracking and trend result data can identify whether deterioration events may occur in the late shelf life. The gas will not be produced until the bacterial concentration reaches about 1. 2] This is why the product can be tested within the specification range during transportation, but it only expands at the end of the shelf life. [ 3 ]

  Laboratory analysis: For any microbial identification, the testing laboratory usually adopts a three pronged approach: 1) culture, 2) isolation and enrichment, and 3) identification. Culture allows quantitative results. Only culture methods approved in the Outline of Microbiological Inspection Methods for Food [4] Standard Method 5 for Dairy Product Inspection or AOAC International 6 can be used, depending on the type of food. However, if the traditional direct plate counting is invalid, some scientists may use unapproved methods to recover damaged cells, and then isolate and identify them.

  Separation and enrichment enable microorganisms to separate and reproduce, so that each type can be successfully identified. All three steps are required. Since each step takes 2-3 days, the whole process can take up to 9 days to get the final result. In addition, if the number of organisms in the sample is not large, the culture may take longer. Therefore, obtaining product samples during abdominal distension will greatly assist in identification, as there are a large number of organisms available for culture. It is worth noting that some microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria, are difficult to identify. Verify that the laboratories conducting the tests have experience working with them.

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