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spout pouch machine price

Spout pouch -packaging solution to refresh your brand and increase its recongnition.

Top-line offers cos-effctive packaging that serves as a powerful marketing tool to increase your brand awareness!

Don't miss out on an opportunity to suprise your customer with this innovative format!

✅ Spout pouch packaging is always easy to use and carry. Its light weight makes it Perfectly suitable for both in-home and outdoor applications.

✅ Heavy-duty high barrier material, BPA free and USDA, FDA approved;

✅ Delivery within 3 weeks and print up to 10 colors at most so Unique looking with your logo;

✅ With customized size, shape, window, hole, fitments/spouts;

✅ Safe packing and simple for transportation, easy filling, and packing.

✅ Excelent moisture-proof and oxygen-proof&give a longer shelf life to the product.

Super pouch from 0.75 to 5L

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What are Spout Pouches?

✅ A spout pouch is a type of flexible packaging that’s customizable and versatile. They’re better for the environment than rigid packaging, like plastic bottles, tins, and plastic tubs. This packaging is used for energy drinks, baby food, cocktails, and petrol station screenwashing.

✅ Manufacturers use spout pouch packaging for vegetable puree and fruit juice when it comes to children’s food. Spout pouches for baby food are wide enough to fill and dispense the fluids but narrow enough to avoid spilling the liquid during use.

✅ The packaging is also ideal for keeping washing detergents and home cleaning products. Some of the benefits of spout pouches include:

✅ Spout pouches allow you to custom print the packaging and include brand information for your marketing efforts, making them stand out on retail shelves.

✅ Spout pouches are cheaper than most traditional packaging options.

✅ Spout pouch packaging evacuates up to 99.5% of the contents, reducing food waste.

✅ Spout pouches are highly convenient as consumers can easily access the product on the go.

✅ The packaging comes in numerous spout options targeting different demographics. For instance, sports cap spouts are designed for juice spouts targeting sportspeople, while kid-friendly spouts target children.



Spout pouch summary

✅ Spout pouches are better than plastic and glass bottles for cocktails and drinks.  They are lightweight, easier to transport, and occupy less space.  This allows more products to be transported, which means less shipping costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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