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Super Pouch 

extend the shelf life of liquids such as wine, fruit juices, olive oil, cooking oils and detergents. They have oxygen barrier properties and the liquid is dispensed through a high performance Vitop tap. 
Advantage: Easy to store, easy to carry, separate packaging, high barrier, stylish appearance.etc.
Sample:free sample.
Top-line® packaging Personalization:According to different packaging products, personalized customization, bags with special shapes, different valves, and different styles help our customers create their own products and brands.
Factory direct sales, support small batch customization, free design changes.


♻ Advantages of the super pouch:
1.Deliver the goods safely.
Through the airtightness of the bag, high barrier, perfect protection against liquids.
2.Economic and environmental protection.
Suitable for brand promotion and economical and environmentally friendly'
3.Portable spout pouch.
Daily life, travel, mountain climbing and camping, very convenient.
4.Dispensing liquid.
The liquid can be distributed multiple times through the control of the valve,


 Top-line® packaging offers super pouch:

1.Suitable packaging solutions.
First of all, we will recommend suitable packaging solutions according to your products. We have various bag sizes, materials, details, designs, valves, and professional production experience to provide to customers.
2.Quality trust of super pouch.
Direct factory with a complete production line, its own quality inspection department, complete certificates, and complete after-sales service.
3.Personalized customization of super pouch.

The control of details supports all personalized customization, various valves and suction nozzles, styles of handles, and any customized needs of customers can be met.
4.Sample:free sample.
It is convenient for customers to check the quality of the bag and various tests, and new and old customers provide free samples.

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