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pet food bag clip custom

Packaging has a key role in the pet food industry’s robust growth, especially for premium products. The bag or container enables manufacturers to stand out with cat and dog owners who want sustainable options, personalized pet diets and ingredients that even humans find appealing.

Flexible packages and lighter containers with premium protection and HD printing help processors tap into booming pet ownership and react to trends like wet treats, high protein content and CBD supplements. As U.S. pet food production has become safer under FSMA, packaging reflects transparency, showing the food through windows and highlighting natural ingredients.

As the pet food industry continues to grow, so do the demands on packaging companies to offer differentiated and functional solutions, Know more reach at 


In Top-line, we provide a custom flexible packagin solutiion for your pet food products, from stand-up pouches,  flat bottom pouches, quad sea bags and other types of pet food packaging.

Factory custom:

✅ Creative design.

✅ Various styles.

✅ Attentive service.

✅ Delivery within 3 weeks and print up to 10 colors at most.

✅ BPA free&Eco-friendly materials & Moisture proof, protect from light, gas barrier.


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