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You know what are the safety usage of food packaging bags.petco free dog food bag Production

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  Food packaging bag products include high -strength, high -resistance, high environmental protection and other characteristics. But many people want to know how to use food plastic packaging bags safely. Today we put forward some of our opinions on this issue.

  1. Do not choose the food plastic packaging bag too thin. The ultra -thin plastic bag is light and thin, but the load -bearing ability is very strong. This is because this ultra -thin plastic bag will add plasticizers The agent is extremely unfavorable to human health.

  2. Try not to use food plastic packaging bags for alcohol food. Alcohol foods and oil -containing foods will make leaders in polyvinyl chloride plastic bags into foods, and this plastic bag cannot be installed with temperature above 50 degrees or more food. For plastic bags with deep colors, it is likely to be re -processed with recycling plastic, so we should resolutely avoid using such food plastic packaging bags.

  Third, food plastic packaging bags are as little as possible to eat as much as possible, because after eating cooked food with food plastic packaging bags, it often causes food to deteriorate. After eating, it is prone to symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea.

  Sometimes in order not to destroy the beauty of the plastic packaging bag, we hope that when opening, we should not have any damage. How can we open without damage?

  There are currently two ways:

  First, there are usually jagged edges on the packaging bag, and you can tear it off there! This method is a relatively simple method.

  Second, if it is glue, use a hair dryer to open the hot air to the sticky mouth, and the glue will fall off.

  There is also a phenomenon that plastic packaging bags are killed, and many people will think about cutting with tools or tearing the bag directly. These practices will damage plastic bags. Here we teach you a small trick:

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