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Why does the vacuum packaging bag leak?vacuum sealer bags for food

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  Vacuum zipper bag custom

  With the continuous improvement of food safety requirements, ordinary packaging is sometimes difficult to meet demand. Vacuum packaging bags quickly enter the public's vision with their characteristics of light, fresh, and anticorrosive, and occupy a place in the fiercely competitive packaging bag market. It can be said that sealing is the basic requirement of a vacuum packaging bag, but we often find that the vacuum packaging bag will leak air and increase bags after a period of time, which has lost its original effect. So why is the vacuum packaging bag leaking? How should this problem be solved? Today's Packaging Co., Ltd. answered you.

  1. The problem of vacuum packaging bag itself

  In the process of production, the temperature and humidity of the production workshop will affect the quality of the packaging bag itself. Therefore, the vacuum packaging bag may not control the temperature and humidity during the production process.

  In addition, the last process of the vacuum packaging bag is a thermal pressure seal. In this process, if the edge is not strict, it will also cause the vacuum packaging bag to leak air.

  In response to this problem, select excellent bags of raw materials, strictly control the temperature of the workshop, purchase air purification equipment, minimize the pollution source, and avoid rising bags due to the problem of packaging bag itself.

  2. Transportation and storage issues

  During the transportation of vacuum packaging products, it may cause damage or leakage of the packaging bag due to bumpy roads, causing vacuum packaging bags to leak air. In the storage procedure, if the storage environment is not uniform, it is cold and hot, causing condensate water inside the packaging bag, which will lead to air leakage.

  3. Vacuum extraction more degrees

  The vacuum bag is not the cleaner, but the better, but the moderate. Excessive vacuum extraction will destroy the tension of the vacuum packaging bag, resulting in the vacuum packaging bag easily damage.

  Fourth, product sterilization is not thorough

  If the above is fine, it may be because the product is not completely sterilized during bagging, resulting in the rapid spread of the bacteria inside, which leads to a rise in bags. This situation is generally more common in meat products.

  If you are not sure if the product is not completely disinfected, you can use the vacuum packaging bag to install an appropriate amount of rice and place it for half a month. If there is no rising bag, it means that it is not completely sterilized. Essence

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