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biodegradable spout pouches price

Top-line®  Packaging Spout Pouches come with a pour spout for an easy-filling process ensuring that they pass the drop test without leakage. and Top-line®  Packaging is a leading Spout Pouch manufacturer offering supreme packaging solutions.

Type: Transparent/aluminium foil;stand up spout pouch/spout pouch with corner spout.

Valve: Customize all kinds of valves

Advantage: easy to use and carry,high barrier material, BPA free,Excelent moisture-proof and oxygen-proof.etc.

Use: Fruit juice, wine, fruit juice drinks, mineral water, edible oil, food additives, industrial agents, medical reagents, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

Moq: 100

Sample:free sample.

Delivery Time: 7 ~ 15 days


Advantage Of Spout Pouches?

✅ Self-supporting bottom,The solid bottom makes the product strong.full,full of texture and good.

✅ Printing process,12-colorhigh-speed printing machine,canmeet avariety of printing products such asmulti-lightmulti-dumb, doublesided.Toensure that theproduct meets EU standards,it is printed withbenzene-free ketone-free inkand water-basedink, using solvent-free com-pounding.

✅Comfortable handle,Comfortable hand grip, comfortable to wear,easy to carry,practical and beautiful.

✅ Spout cover,The rotating spout has an excellent degree ofocclusion, ensuring that the product entersthebag and reduces air ingress, reducing productmoisture.

✅ Environmentallyfriendlymaterial,The material is environmentally friendly, thesealing is good, it is convenient to cany, theappearance is beautiful,and the compositedaily packaging standard.


Spout pouch summary

✅ Spout pouches are better than plastic and glass bottles for cocktails and drinks.  They are lightweight, easier to transport, and occupy less space.  This allows more products to be transported, which means less shipping costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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