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The characteristics and application of composite packaging bag

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  Composite packaging bag is a flexible packaging material formed by two or more different properties of the material composite, so as to form a new high performance packaging can give full play to the advantages of each component material. It can collect the advantages of each layer of film, overcome their shortcomings, composite can obtain more ideal packaging materials, can meet the requirements of a variety of products.

  With the progress of material processing technology, now the composite packaging bag variety, different performance, compared with other packaging materials, its main characteristics are as follows:

  1. Light, transparent and soft;

  2. Good air tightness and heat sealing;

  3. Can moisture-proof, air-proof, anti-ultraviolet, heat resistance, cold resistance performance;

  4. It has good dimensional stability, stable chemical properties, excellent chemical resistance and grease resistance;

  5. Tear resistance, needle resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, friction resistance and aging resistance;

  6. Excellent machining adaptability.

  Composite packaging bag with light quality, soft, less waste, easy processing molding, small space, low cost and cost effectiveness (volume and weight per unit weight packaging) high advantages, can meet the needs of most commodities -- especially clothing, hardware, food packaging needs.

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