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How to prevent Food Bag aging.petco free dog food bag Processing

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  pet food bag totes custom

  The common bag types of FOOD BAG include three -sided seal, four -sided seal, back sealed on the back, eight -sided seal, etc. Each type has its own advantages and characteristics. The choice of packaging type is very important. How to choose the package type from different dimensions.

  1. Cost, from the cost of cost, the three -sided seal is one of the high cost packaging. This kind of bag is basic, the production process is relatively simple, and it is very convenient to use. Therefore, manufacturers who pursue cost -effective In addition, the cost of back -sealing bags and side bags is relatively low, and these Food BAG bags are very similar. You can choose according to your own products. All the bags above the bags need to do on one side of the hot sealing work, which is relatively simple to be relatively simple. Essence

  Second, convenience. From the perspective of consumers, the more convenient the Food Bag, the better, so, the Food Bag with zipper or non -drying mouth is a choice.

  3. Sales, from the perspective of sales, the more beautiful the Food BAG, the better, the shape rules such as four sides, eight -sided seal, and other shapes with large printing surfaces and strong standing ability are very suitable. Under the same specifications, the bag can printed a larger area of the area. The design is more convenient and can be placed on the shelf, which is more beautiful. In addition, the alien bag is also one of the ways to increase sales. Different packaging types can bring freshness to consumers. The alien bag style is varied, and the shelves are excellent. The formation of unique attraction in the market has become an important means for enterprises to open awareness and increase market share.

  Fourth, efficiency, from the perspective of efficiency, has nothing to do with the package type, but the hardware equipment of the processing plant.

  How to prevent Food Bag aging?

  Food Bag has been widely used in all aspects of our lives. In the process of using plastic packaging bags, it is often exposed to the sun and the sun, and it is often aged. What measures should we usually take to avoid the aging of plastic packaging bags. Use them?

  In the natural environment, that is, under the condition of direct sunlight, the strength of the plastic packaging bag will decrease by 25%after a week, and it will decrease by 40%in two weeks. Essence After plastic -sealed cement, the intensity will decrease sharply under the sunlight in the open air, and the temperature of the plastic packaging bag is too high (container transportation) or rain during the storage and transportation process, which will cause its strength to decrease, and then it will not reach the protection content objects. Quality requirements. Excessive participation of recycling materials is also one of the reasons for promoting the aging of plastic packaging bags. It has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. The greening of plastic packaging bags has become an important development trend.

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