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How much do you know about the characteristics and use of aluminum foil packaging bags?gusset aluminum foil bag maker

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aluminium spout pouch company

The current sales volume in the packaging market is really high in the packaging market. Many customers will choose to spend more money to order the aluminum foil packaging bag when ordering the packaging bag. Let's talk about the characteristics and use of aluminum foil packaging bags. The purpose is to let everyone understand the aluminum foil packaging bag more in depth to avoid reducing twists and turns on the way to order in the future.

Let's talk about the material structure and thickness of the aluminum foil packaging bag. Its common material structure: PET/AL/PE, PET/NY/AL/PE, etc.; Thickness: 5 wire-30 wires can be customized.

It is extremely important to understand the characteristic of aluminum foil packaging bags:

1. Good air performance, anti -oxidation, waterproof, moisture -proof.

2. Good mechanical properties, high anti -explosion resistance, and good puncture resistance.

3. Anti -high temperature, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, and incense performance.

4. Good thermal performance, soft, and high interval.

Because aluminum foil packaging bags have the advantages of heat insulation, moisture -proof, fire prevention, sound insulation and easy processing, their applications are still very wide, such as food, daily chemical, chemical raw materials, industrial electronics and other fields have a wide range of uses.

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