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Explanation on steaming bags.aluminium retort pouch Production

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High temperature steaming bag is a composite plastic Mylar bag. It has the advantages of canned containers and hot water resistant plastic bags.

Literally, it is a bag that can be placed on a pot for high-temperature cooking. But its cooking temperature must be controlled within 135 ° C. 40 minutes.

The popular materials are NY+RCPP or NY+AL+RCPP

The high-temperature steaming bag has been certified for over 10 years of use and is an ideal packaging container. Suitable for packaging meat, beans, fish, wet pet food, and chicken products. It is more convenient, fresh, and practical. And it can preserve the original taste of the food, making consumers very fond of it

RCPP is an inner layer cooking type CPP film. It has better heat resistance than ordinary CPP membranes. It can withstand temperatures of 121 ° C or higher. For packaging bags that need to withstand high temperatures, RCPP can be used. RCPP film can withstand high temperature (135 ° C) sterilization effect, and also has the advantages of alkali and oil resistance.

Generally speaking, a four story structure is more popular. Its outer layer is made of high-strength polyester film, the middle layer is made of opaque and airtight aluminum foil, and the inner layer is made of polypropylene film.

There are two types of high-temperature distillation bags, one is transparent and the other is opaque. The difference between them is the same as the difference between aluminum foil bags and vacuum bags. The distilled aluminum foil bag has one more layer of aluminum foil than the distilled vacuum bag. The material of the steamed aluminum foil bag is: pet+al+cpp///ny+al+cpp, and the other material is: pet+cpp/bopa+pe, with thickness depending on requirements. The bag style is: three side seal, middle seal, vertical bag, back seal, pillow bag, etc., and can withstand temperature>=135 ° C.

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