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One set Bag-In-Box = one bag + valve + one box
Product: Bag-In-Box

Bag-In-Box can be used widely used in a lot of industry. With tight spout seal, 

it acts as a good barrier guaranteeing freshness, flavor, fragrance and nutritional qualities or chemical potency. Especially used in:Liquid, beverage, drinks, wine, juice, honey, sugar, sauce, packaging  Bone broth, squashes, purees lotions, detergent, cleaners, oils, fuels etc.

Top-line® packaging  offers a variety of high quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to fit your Bag-in-Box® Packaging project. so we offers a variety of high quality corrugated boxes in different shapes and sizes to fit your project.

The dimensions, cut and quality of the outer box are essential characteristics of the Bag-in-Box system, as the box protects the product from light and the bag from external impacts.

High quality printed packs use colour and graphics to attract consumer attention in the retail environment leading to increased sales.

In addition to standard boxes, it is possible to develop intuitive or unique shaped packaging.


                                                                                      FITMENTS FOR FLEXIBLE PACKAGING
We strive to be the best total packaging solutions supplier, from development to production to service – and that includes our fitments. Our injection molding presses are engineered to provide you with an optimal fitment solution. From pilot molds to test new, custom designs to full production, we’re here to support you.


Our approach to fitments

Our fitments are designed with focus on optimized functionality and fit for sealing to various types of film.

Our taps, connectors, and caps are designed to suit your needs –whether that’s on a retail shelf, a fast-paced restaurant operation, or industrial use.


automation, and robotization. Together with clean room manufacturing and in-line inspection systems, we maintain high quality from design to production.

Caps and taps:

Ergonomic, easy-to-use solutions designed for people of all ages and abilities.

Connection systems:

Facilitate safe, precise dosing and mixing of liquid products from dispensers.


Designs engineered to be lightweight and with the Earth’s limited resources in mind.

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