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What are the advantages of bagging edible oil in a box.liquid packaging bags

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Compared to traditional bottled edible oil, bagged edible oil (also known as oil bags or oil packaging) has the following advantages:

1. Convenient to carry: The edible oil bag in the box is compact and can be easily placed in the bag or carried around, making it very suitable for outdoor activities or travel.

2. Space saving: The edible oil bags in the box can be tightly stacked together, taking up less space compared to bottled edible oil, making it convenient for storage and transportation.

3. Preventing oil spoilage: The packaging of edible oil in the box has better sealing performance, which can prevent the influence of factors such as air, light, and humidity, extend the shelf life of the oil, and make the oil fresher.

4. Control dosage: The edible oil in the box is packaged separately, which can accurately control the amount of oil used and avoid waste.

5. Health and safety: The outer packaging of edible oil in the box can avoid contact between oil and the environment, reduce the risk of pollution and bacterial cross infection, and make it more hygienic and safe

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