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Discussion on the Benefits of Vacuum Packaging Bags for Tea.vacuum zipper bags company

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Friend, do you understand the benefits of using a tea vacuum packaging machine for tea vacuum packaging bags? In our daily lives, tea is increasingly being paid attention to, and its efficacy is still very useful for modern people to maintain health. How to use tea vacuum packaging bags to store and maintain the original taste and nutrition of tea has become increasingly important. At present, vacuum packaging bags for tea are widely used.

Tea is a special commodity that requires a special vacuum packaging bag for packaging and sales. Due to limitations of its own and objective conditions, tea vacuum packaging bags are different from the packaging of other general commodities. The production of tea usually uses sun drying or drying, which belongs to dry products and is easily affected by external factors to deteriorate. So, what conditions do tea vacuum packaging bags need to have to preserve the nature of tea?

1. Moisture proof: Tea vacuum packaging bags should use high barrier plastic raw materials. Tea leaves are prone to mold and deterioration after absorbing water vapor from the air. A strong barrier packaging bag can effectively prevent damage to tea leaves from external environmental factors. At the same time, when the moisture content of tea exceeds a certain standard, hydrolysis reactions will occur, and vacuum packaging bags with moisture-proof properties can delay the hydrolysis reaction of tea.

2. Avoidance of light: Tea undergoes accelerated condensation reactions and changes under the action of light, especially when light can damage chlorophyll in tea and damage its quality. Only vacuum packaging bags with good light resistance can ensure the quality of tea.

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